Loving hip hop, basketball, and the state of New Jersey are the factors responsible for uniting the members of Triangle Offense. Formed in 2009, Bry, Pwol, and Sci deliver a different perspective in the growing pool of hip hop artists surfacing in the mainstream. Since their formation, the trio has released “The Courting” (2010), and most recently, “The First Love” (2012). Aside from amassing a sizable fan following and performing in notable venues like Irving Plaza, Club Amnesia, Public Assembly and the Mets Stadium, Triangle Offense has also innovated the Electro-Hop genre as their own.

        Triangle Offense doesn’t make music to chase what’s popular. While other artists can be pigeonholed into a genre, Triangle Offense consistently focuses on the art of lyricism and story telling to produce the best product possible. Despite wearing the many hats mandated of the independent artist, each Triangle Offense song is treated with the quality and care necessary to uphold to their artistic standard.

        To engage audiences, Triangle Offense creates music ranging anywhere from original upbeat club bangers like “Thank God I’m Fresh (TGIF)” to deeply intimate songs like “Beautiful Stars.” Each emcee’s personality plays an integral part in crafting their signature sound. Bry is the risk-taking dreamer who wears his heart in every lyric. Pwol is the retired hearthrob who christens each verse with his I-give-no-f*cks attitude. Sci is the classically trained savant who designs all songs with methodical precision. Triangle Offense is, by extension, a community of listeners and enthusiasts beyond a Friday night crowd of college kids wearing Jordans and snapbacks.